Tippingpoint Conversations

What is the impact on your company

if 3 of your best people would leave tomorrow?

Tipping Point Conversations: an innovative approach for retaining your high potential staff 

and making sure they stay high performers

More than one in four high potentials 

will look for a job with a different organization in 12 months

A commonly heard management issue: your high potential team member seems very happy in his or her job.
Then after 3 years or so they become a bit tired, take a few more personal days than usual and their performance and engagement don’t live up to the expectation for a high performer anymore. You have the pep-talk, offer a time-management course and shuffle responsibilities a bit. It seems to work. Until, suddenly without any warning your employee in which you invested so much personal effort, time and money calls in sick and is not sure when (s)he’ll be back because (s)he doesn't feel up to it ….

In our terminology: your employee has tipped into a state of chaos (pre-burnout or burn out).

52% of employees report they feel they are approaching a burnout due to recent pressures. If you need to prevent this from happening, we offer you Tipping Point Conversations™.

A Tipping Point is the critical point in a situation, process, or system beyond which a significant and often unstoppable effect or change takes place. 

It is normally preceded by a “decision window”, a point at which an effective manager sees the warning signs and takes the appropriate actions to Tip the individual towards a condition of positive higher order instead of a state of chaos.

In human terms: we either Tip and meet our full potential or fall back.

The Tipping Point process is not incremental but sudden, specifically if you ignore the warning signs.

Why do 

Tipping Point Conversations™ Work

We don’t focus on the problem we focus on the potential 

Each system (including the complex and dynamic one we call human) wants to develop.

Just think about our natural development from child to adulthood.

When we let this energy truly flow, a person will develop to unlock their full potential, but problems occur when this flow is somehow stuck. In a Tipping Point Conversation™, the individual discovers why his/her energy is not flowing. Furthermore, they will see and fully feel the key elements of their full potential that want to emerge and explore.

Once this second discovery is made, the person is now intrinsically motivated to let this happen.

We don’t dwell; we direct the system to Tip towards its natural state

Like a river wants to have its natural flow, the same is true with the development of a human being. Therefore, we don’t try to stop it, we guide it. The result: your high potential team member will feel much better in a fraction of the time that an average coaching- track will take. 

We walk our talk and truly understand the process, the individuals, their environment as well as you as manager. 


You can't budget the potential costs of disengaged or sick employees; You can budget prevention. 

Our services

Tipping Point Conversations Track

The best investment in your employee

hence for your organisation

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I'm different

Deepen your practice - group sessions

Like with every new skillset, no matter how gifted you are practice is still essential.
We therefore offer a group course with likeminded people.

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Be ahead of the competition 

Focus on Employee Engagement &  Wellbeing

What do managers say

Low investment with a high impact

I knew that my team member was not happy and there is a limit to what I can do myself,

He was not sick or struggling mentally so a company doctor or psychiatrist would not be the solution. Moreover, he specifically explained to not want to go that road.

Luckily, my organization offers Tipping Point Tracks and that turned out to be the perfect solution.

Within 3 months he had his spirit back, best investment ever!


I have a renewed employee

We all have this great person in the team who is always willing to help others, will hardly complain and is that strong engine for the team.

I never thought that such an engine could be out of power from one day to the other, but that happened.

The impact on the team and the work was noticeable. Not only due to her taking many days sick leave.

I learned from my People Partner that there was a different approach to help the wellbeing of our staff, hence I send her to this Tipping Point Coach.

No idea what she did but I will send all my staff to her if I have even the hint that someone could benefit from it.

Don't hesitate to book your Tipping Point Coaching Track


Everyone should be offered a Tipping Point Conversation

From a doubting employee to a guy who knows what he wants and stands up for it.

There was nothing physically wrong with my team member, but mentally he was clearly not in a good place.

To be honest, I understand that you don't always want to talk about that with your manager.

I had the employee follow a Tippingpoint trajectory. 

As a personal development, I have now offered everyone in my team a Tipping Point conversation.


What do coachees say

Iam now completely me
 My ambition is high and  I know now that I can achieve this ambition when I am completely myself, with the dynamic balance of feeling and reason.
Bas Review


I changed and it is positively noticed
In my midyear review my manager told me that I managed to change his mind. For me the confirmation to always follow my intuition! 


Everyone should have this

Knowing what I can do to fully be myself is the most powerful tool ever.

Everyone should have such a conversation with you!  

Timon Review


The best way to describe our meetings is to call them eye-opening.

 Lonnie helped me to define a lot of loose thoughts and observations I would have made over the years; more importantly, she showed me how to keep the excessively negative ones at bay.

In our sessions and the time between them I learned how to channel my emotions. In some way, I needed a push to allow myself to truly choose what is good for me, and she gave me just that push.

Lonnie is a warm, kind, funny soul who listens without judging. I could feel how supportive she was already the first time we talked.

Her approach is personalised which also makes her challenge your own preconceived notions (I personally find it a good thing). I am on the way to truly finding my peace of mind. Very grateful.



I transformed my relationship with myself
You helped me transform my relationship with myself!

Tank you for reminding me what I have to offer in this world. 

I owe a lot of my growth & development to you



It has been a LIFE - altering realization for me

My sincere thanks to you from the bottom of my heart. 

You have opened up a different side of me which I wasn't even aware of. 

It has been a LIFE - Altering realization for me and I feel blessed that I met you and what you are able to open up. 

Thanks a tonn!! 

I don't have words to explain how greatful I am to you



Tipping Point Conversation Guides

Our Tipping Point Conversations™ guides have many years experience in successfully guiding others to reach their full potential

Our key practitioner and expert Lonnie, has 20 years senior experience within in a global corporate environment, speaks fluently English and Dutch and knows the pressures faced by (high potential) staff, both from her own personal experience as a as well managing and retaining top team members.

Lonnie is highly trained in effective Tipping Point Conversations™ and has a long track record of success and satisfied corporate and SME clients. 

Lonnie & Frans 

on Tipping Point Conversations

All explained in less than 3 minutes

Engagement  combined with well-being is indispensible for a healthy workforce.

Contact us to find out how Tipping Point Conversations can make the difference in your organisation